United in faith,
Serving in love
Epworth Church
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A United Methodist
connectional church
Worship with us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
The windows of Epworth

When you first enter the sanctuary, you'll probably notice the striking colors of the 12 windows of Epworth.
One of the early Epworth members, Dick Smith, designed the windows in the late-1990s when the sanctuary
was built.

There are 10 vertical windows in the walls of this octagon-shaped sanctuary. Each is about six feet high
and two feet wide. But where are the other two, you ask? Look above you in the center ceiling. There are
two triangular windows in the central gables. These two windows are about nine feet long by two and a half
feet high. You may also notice the two incuse crosses in the sloping ceilings flanking these windows.

Dick intended each window to have its own theme independent of the others. The colors and style of
presentation are matched to each theme.

One unifying feature in each of the lower windows is an octagon of identical size and in the same location,
although treated in a different manner in each case. This octagonal shape relates to the
contour of the sanctuary itself.

All of the vertical windows share another feature: each contains some uncolored,
textured glass representing the two-way interaction between the church and the
surrounding community.

There is a strong presence of symbolism, both literally and subtly, in each window
design. It relates particularly to the Epworth experience in worshipping and serving

For the most part, the content of the windows relates to the New Testament. There are
no scenes of saints or prophets. The scenes you see are intended to address today's
church and work yet to be done.

Here are Dick Smith's explanations of each window's content. Oh, by the way, Franklin
Art Glass Studios, Inc., fabricated the windows.
All rights reserved.