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The starting point here is the United Methodist logo of the cross and  
flame. All the other flame shapes and curving lead lines are done in
the same vein. A vertical wisp of smoke in clear glass appears at the
top left. Combined, these elements give a feeling of upward
movement -- a wind! Countering is the Holy Spirit in the form of a
dove descending from the upper right. This white dove can also
symbolize peace and hope.

The Holy Spirit again appears in the heavenly rays at the top left. On
the right, the rays are interrupted by a wavy shape representing a
waterfall which leads into a pitcher pouring a clear stream of water
into a bowl, which is  in profile inside the octagon.

These two utensils are similar to ones used in baptisms at Epworth.

A chalice resembling those used at Epworth, the grapes, a stylized
head of wheat, and the broken bread, present the sacraments and
their sources in nature.

This is another somewhat more traditional-looking church window.
                                            Christian symbols

The crook, and an adaptation of the familiar fish symbol, represent
Christ as the Good Shepherd and as Fisher of Humankind. The water
background is also symbolic of that powerful thread woven in the
Biblical tapestry.

A Scottish/Celtic cross inside the octagon completes the design.
United in faith,
Serving in love
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