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Epworth United Methodist Vocal Choir

Fall & Advent Literature

Fall Music

September 15

Title: "God Is Life" by Brokering/Cornell

Scripture Text: Matt. 18: 21-35

Focus Area: Forgiveness

September 22

Title: "Chorale" by Handel - Rutter

Scripture Text: Matt. 20: 1-16

Focus Area: Complaining

September 29

Title: "The Servant Song" by Gillard - Young

Scripture Text: Phillip. 2: 1-13

Focus Area: Serving Others

October 6

Title: "Gloria" by William Miller

Scripture Text: Ex. 20: 1-4, 7-9, 12-20

Focus Area: 10 Commandments

October 13

Title: "He, Watching Over Israel" by Mendelssohn

Scripture Text: Phillip. 4: 1-19

Focus Area: Positive Thinking

October 20

Title: "Devotion" arr. by John Ness Beck

Scripture Text: Matt. 22: 15-22

Focus Area: Duty vs. Allegiance & Loyalty

October 27

Title: "A Lord Built House" by Roger Lentz

Scripture Text: Deut. 34: 1-12

Focus Area: Working In Vain

November 3

Anthem Title: "Elijah Rock" arr. by Jester Hairston

Scripture Text: Matt. 23: 1-12

Focus Area: Hypocrisy

Festival Anthem Title: "Sine Nomine" by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Focus Area: All Saints Sunday

November 10

Title: "Shout to the Lord" by Zschech/Hayes

Scripture Text: Matt. 24: 1-3a, 14-25

Focus Area: Idols or Gods

November 17

Title: "Give Me the Wings of Faith to Rise" by Mark Hayes

Scripture Text: Matt. 25: 14-30

Focus Area: Risking Ourselves

November 24

Title: "From the End of the Earth" by Alan Hovhaness

Scripture Text: Matt. 25: 31-46

Focus Area: Unto The Least

Thanksgiving Anthem: Give Thanks to the Lord" by Patti Drennan

Advent & Christmas Eve

December 1

Title: "O Come, Precious Savior" by Dana Mengel

December 8

Nativity Suites: Suite 3

December 15

Nativity Suites: Suite 2

December 22

Nativity Suites: Suite 1

December 24

Nativity Suites: Entire Work

Benediction Responses

"Go Into The World" by Natalie Sleeth

 "For You Shall Go Out In Joy" by Kent Newbury

"A New Benediction" by Deborah Govenor