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5100 Karl Road
Columbus, Ohio 43229
Ruth Holdren - Director

Last Updated:  09/08/2004

      Ruth has been with Epworth Daycare since the fall of 1989.  She has taught all ages at the center, with the majority of her years there with the older four/five year old class.  In June 2003 was the summer director.

      She received her BA degree from Albion College (Albion Michigan) in 19976, where she majored in Visual Arts as well as Elementary Education.  She received  a Michigan Provisional Certificate in 1976, and a Florida Teacher Certificate in 1977.  Since 1989 she has accumulated over 70 hours in Early Childhood Education and over 60 hours in First Aid, Communicable Diseases, Child Abuse Prevention and CPR training.

     Ruth has two children, four grandchildren and lives at home with her husband Gary.