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5100 Karl Road
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Ruth Holdren - Director


            Epworth Day Care and Pre-School with a Difference is a non-profit, interracial, interfaith center.  We are committed to providing a healthy, happy, and safe environment for each and every child in our care.  Our program is organized so that it addresses the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of all the children.  Each child is treated as a unique individual.  Using positive words and actions in an atmosphere of love, we strive to ensure each child's success -- because we feel that a positive experience will foster the desire to achieve

Purposes and Goals

Days are planned so that children will

  • be safe

  • feel secure

  • receive individual attention and affection

  • develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults

  • have varied interactions with other children

  • develop self-discipline

  • experience successes and thus develop a positive self-image

  • learn to respect the personal and property rights of others

  • improve intellectual and physical skills.

Mission Statement

          Given the increasing number of families with children whose parent/parents work outside the home, and given the fact that a proliferation of pre-schools and daycare facilities of various degrees of excellence have sprung up to serve this need, and given that fact that there is still more demand for pre-school and daycare programs than are currently available:

          The Epworth Pre-School, Kindergarten and Daycare with a Difference is in being as a part of the mission of Epworth United Methodist church to the community for the purpose of:

  1. making available a high-quality, moderately priced program for three year olds through five year olds,

  2. creating curriculum that deals with the intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of the age group, and that deals with the cultural backgrounds and heritage that are a part of the urban ethos,

  3. making training opportunities available to those preparing for the pre-school and daycare field, and

  4. operating within a model that could easily be replicated, thus improving the overall quality of daycare in this general area.        

          Epworth United Methodist Church sees this program as a way of caring for the needs of the community.