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Epworth United Methodist Church is a Covenant to Care Congregation, which welcomes all persons whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS.

A red candle burns each week in our Sanctuary as a symbol of our concern for all those whose lives are touched by catastrophic circumstances. This experienced events are often written and described in memo essay as a way to unleash negative emotions. 

The Epworth monogram represents the Church beneath the Cross.  In humility, the Church assumes the role of a servant to all the world.  The four extensions of the Cross point in all four directions, signifying the love of God which extends to all.  Membership at Epworth Church is subsequently open to all persons without regard to race or color.

One end of the crossbar of the "e" extends into the Cross, thereby indicating our dependence upon God for our very life.  The other end symbolically opens onto the world, thus denoting our mission to be a channel through which God's love and concern is expressed to humankind.

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If you wish to contribute money to relieve the suffering of the victims of hurricane Katrina, please make out checks to Epworth UMC and in the memo write Advance Special #982523 (or hurricane)

If you do not care whether you receive church credit on your giving record, you may donate money online to:  www.methodistrelief.org